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      1. CEO statement

        We are a unique organisation that uses our capabilities,
        experience and global partnerships to deliver a combination
        of value and superior services to investors.

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        Mission Statement

        Invest AD aims to provide excellent risk-adjusted
        returns for investors who allocate assets to
        markets in the GCC, MENA and beyond.

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        Our Values

        The core philosophy and mind-set that has been in
        place within Invest AD for over 40 years is to foster
        innovation and an openness via various ways

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        Established in 1977, Invest AD is a leading
        Abu Dhabi-based financial services company.

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        Asset management

        For over four decades, Invest AD has been focused on providing excellent returns for investors who allocate assets to GCC and MENA markets.


        Principal investment

        We have developed a platform that enables us to give a select group of financial institutions and corporates access to the local and global capital markets in a customized way.


        Global Markets

        Invest AD embarks on strategic investments in start-ups and other companies which we believe will grow and create value.


        Latest News


        Sep 07, 2020

        Yazan Abdeen, CEO and Portfolio Manager, at ADIM, part of Invest AD, appeared on Al Arabiya He discussed the new Saudi futures market and how ADI...

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