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        Invest AD embarks on strategic investments in start-ups and other companies which we believe will grow and create value.

        We have enjoyed a number of successes in this way. Based on our key advantages – including our governance structure, international best-practice in risk management and deep regional knowledge – we have been effective at exiting these investments, resulting in good returns.

        Below are case studies to highlight some of these activities.

        Al Ramz Corporation

        Al Ramz Corporation was established in 1998, and is licensed by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to operate in the Abu Dhabi Securities Market, Dubai Financial Market and Nasdaq Dubai – covering the UAE’s capital markets in full.


        Massar Solutions

        Established in 1998, Massar Solutions provide a comprehensive range of services from fleet management, vehicle rental and supply chain solutions segments to government, semi-government and private sector clients operating in the UAE’s industrial and commercial sectors. The company currently owns and operates a fleet of 9,755 vehicles and manages a further 6,755 vehicles for third party clients.


        Industrial City Cooling Company (ICCC)

        Industrial City Cooling Company (ICCC) was formed in 2004 to manage and operate two district cooling plants in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi.



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